The 2017 Youth Academy is now Full!!!!

Roger Miller

Youth Fly

Fishing Academy

May 20, 2016 Through May 21, 2017


By Gary Pullings

This year was my first time directing the Youth Academy. We had such a great turnout and the kids enjoyed it immensely. I was not fortunate to meet Roger Miller, however what I have heard about him is some astonishing things. He was a mentor to so many and most importantly believed that to expand the fly fishing community and to share the knowledge of taking care of our water ways was to teach the kids of tomorrow how to do it.

We have all seen the movie the River Runs Through It, however that movie will only ignite a spark. It takes people of all calibers to gently stroke the flame of fly-fishing and from what I hear Roger Miller was that tender that was used. As I think back of what I learned, I realize that Roger was not only adding tender to the kids, but to the Fresno Fly Fishers as well. People like me, who never met Roger, are touched by his generosity and leadership that we do not realize it until it is over.

This was my first year as Education Director and I had some great mentors. I have to thank Scott West, Bob Papazian, and John Cameron for their great Leadership. I have to give a special thanks to my mentor and God Father Jeff Trafican for guiding me though this and helping me along the way. If it was not for these men who believed in me I could not have accomplished this academy.

As I was getting the Academy together I was over at Jeff’s house one afternoon and he told me that this was a great honor to be entrusted with this, because this was how Roger would have wanted it. I did not think to ask what he meant, due to the fact that I know Jeff and he teaches by example and making you work for your answer to the question. This lesson was about teaching the Kids of tomorrow and that is what Roger was all about. Touching the kids minds and making them work for something as Jeff did with me.

I am sorry that I never had the opportunity to meet Roger Miller however; even though he is passed away he lives on though the program that we put on every year.
This year was special for Fresno Fly Fishers because his Grandson Braeden attended our Academy this year and he learned so much. This is why Roger was important to this club and the community, he lives on in each and every one of us.

Thank you Roger for all you have done and continue to do even though your not here, you are truly missed.

2016 Graduates

Roxanne Cole
Matthew Clifton
Tyler Clifton
Sean Logan
James Pullings

Evan Bethel
Dylan Crane
Kano Xiong
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