Fly Fishers for Conservation, Fresno
2018 Roger Miller Youth Fly Fishing Academy

2018 Roger Miller Youth Fly Fishing Academy was a great success. You can tell by the smiles and because everyone caught fish. Sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone with a fish. Casting, knots and equipment, and tying lessons - tri-tip lunch - then an afternoon fishing for Bluegill. What a great day it was.
The adults had fun too. One father of 9 said that after his daughter tells her siblings how much fun she had, that the rest would surely want to come next year.
One of the younger kids said her wrist hurt and wanted a break so her dad grabbed the rod. She quickly started teller him all the things I had been telling her... keep the tip down dad, strip the line slower dad, I caught 5 fish dad, you only caught one.
Thank you to the Tyler Family for letting us fish their pond and the surprise gifts for a few lucky fishers. Todd stashed a $10 bill in a couple of empty water bottles. His plan was to reward the kids that picked up garbage around the lake. He also gave a prize to the first one to catch (and release) a frog.
Northpark Community Church was kind enough to let us use their facilities for our classroom and casting lessons. The location and set up was perfect. Thank you Northpark!!!!
We had more club members than kids helping to make every station and fishing a one-on-one lesson.
I rate this years Youth Academy success by all the smiles. The kids, yours and mine.
Scott Piggott
President FFFC

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