February 21st Speaker – Jeff Currier - Starts at 7PM

“Fly Fishing Adventures from Africa – Tigerfish and More”

As if we didn’t already think Jeff Currier was crazy.  In 2005 Jeff cashed in 180,000 airline miles for two tickets to Africa.  He and his wife Granny then proceeded to load the backpacks and set off for the Dark Continent for two months with no reservations.  Why?  It was time to catch the exotic and toothy tigerfish.  They crossed Africa by means of decrepit buses, hitchhiking and leaky boats to the remote regions of Botswana, Namibia and other African countries.  And they pummeled the tigerfish!

The grueling adventure was such a success that Jeff has returned to Africa many times.  Sit back in awe when he shows you Nile Perch from Egypt, fly fishing the surf of Gabon, the yellowfish rivers of Lesotho, the Sudanese flats of the Red Sea and monster tigerfish from Tanzania.  This is an incredibly entertaining must see show!

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