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Fish Camp Scholarships

In our endeavor to continue and pass on fly fishing education, every year the Board of Directors have teamed up with The Fly Shop out of Redding California to send kids to school. I know your asking why school. Well this is not the ordinary school where you sit in a classroom putting gum under your desk or a tack on the teacher’s chair. No, this is real life school where you learn by doing and living life.

We know from experience that life is not learned from a book or research papers. Life is learned by trial and error. In order for us to help our fly fishers of tomorrow, we want them to make the least amount of errors as possible and be instructed on the proper way to fish.

We have created 2 scholarships for our leaders of tomorrow who will lead the next generation of fly fishers. We have FishCamp and the Advanced FishCamp. Please click on the appropriate link above for which camp you would like to attend to see if you qualify.