Incubator Fry Release

The approximate 45,000 rainbow trout fry in the KRFMP incubator building are now just over 1.5” long and are scheduled for release into the Kings River on Thursday January 7th. We are seeking approximately 6 volunteers to release trout fry in various locations between the ACOE Bridge and Avocado Lake Park. Lori Werner and I will begin prepping the trout for release at 3:00pm and volunteers can expect to transport the trout to their designated locations at 3:30pm. We are hoping that the trout will reach their destinations just before sunset. Last year we noticed improved survivability in fry that were planted later in the evening.

Volunteers should be able to transport 2 – 3 5gal buckets of trout fry in their personal vehicles (Trucks work best, but unheated cars will suffice), volunteers should also be able to carry a 20lb bucket over uneven terrain for no more than 200ft. A working knowledge of the area is also preferable.

Planting sites will include:

· The river adjacent to the incubator building/north riverside trail

· Choinumni

· Winton Park

· Main Thorburn Channel

· The pool at the end of the Thorburn Channel & stream below the beaver dam

· Behind Avocado Lake

· This season Heidi will also plant fry in Mill Creek (just downstream of the gauging station).

We will be receiving our next shipment of 100,000 eggs on Tuesday January 12th and we will be charging the building (Round 2) on Wednesday the 13th at 9:45am. 1 – 2 volunteers would be ideal on that day.

If you are interested in participating in any aspect of this process please see our Doodle Poll

You may also contact Lori Werner at: 559.237.5567 Ext 122

Any questions or inquires can also be directed to me.

Heidi Ann Isner

Environmental Program Manager

Kings River Conservation District

4886 East Jensen Ave.

Fresno CA, 93725

559.237.5567 Ext 123